Advice to a Sword-Wielding Maniac, by N. S. Shifrin

New! Advice to a Sword-Wielding Maniac, by N. S. Shifrin. All you need to know about choosing a club and coach, equipment care, goal-setting, tournament tips, and many other topics. The book’s small size and easy-to-read format makes it the perfect reference for home, club, or tournament venue.

What  people are saying:

“What a charming book it is! This book covers every aspect a novice to this sport should know or be aware of. The concise discussions on myriad pertinent topics create a map for any newcomer to fencing.” — Elizabeth Beguinet, Former Associate Director of USA Fencing Coaches College

"Very good advice and insightful and amusing adjunct material for a potential beginner up to the low intermediate fencer." — Professor Peter Harmer, Ph.D., ATC. Chief Medical Officer of USA Fencing

“Well written and filled with good advice and worthwhile information. I enjoyed it immensely!” — Dan DeChaine, Member of the S.E.M.I. Commission of the International Fencing Federation; long-time armorer, referee, competitor, and coach

“…a wonderful read!!!!" — Ron Kilby, coach, referee, and co-owner of Southern Oregon Fencing Center

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