The Mental Preparation of Fencers and Others

Here is an extraordinary book that every serious fencer needs to read over and over, because each reading will bring new insights. It delivers what it promises – a path toward preparation for competition and ultimately for life itself. Dr. Kogler combines the best of a wide variety of disciplines ancient and modern. His insights range back through the centuries from today’s most recent discoveries in neuroscience and sport psychology to the traditions of Japan, India, and China. His method is to bring an intense level of mindfulness and awareness to every aspect of the bout situation. His objectives are to eliminate: -- the distractions of unwelcome emotions -- errors of technique and of tactics -- dependence on outside assistance while fencing,and finally – -- even the need for conscious thought while fencing.

ALADAR KOGLER, Ph.D. is the director of the Sports Psychology Research Laboratory, established by the US Olympic Committee at Columbia University. He is a former National Coach both of Czechoslovakia and the United States, as well as former co-head coach at Columbia. Dr. Kogler is a member of the US Fencing Hall of Fame. Two of his students became Olympic Silver Medalists, four became Senior World Championships medalists. He has also a World University Games champion, numerous World Cup winners and finalists, and national and collegiate champions. He has been an Olympic coach seven times. This is his sixth published book. 

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