Open Wounds (Paperback)

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Publishers Weekly Starred Review!
“Lunievicz’s impressive debut is a dark, often brutal story, balancing
some of the meanest villains in recent memory with a beautifully portrayed
historical New York and a movie-obsessed boy determined to
overcome the hand life has dealt him,”
Open Wounds takes readers back to WWII-era New York, following a young
half-Jewish boy as he struggles to overcome his abusive childhood.
It is the emotional coming-of-age tale of Cedric “Cid” Wymann in New
York City during the 1930s and 1940s after a distant relative rescues him
from a bleak orphanage. “Lefty”—a shell-shocked and disfigured survivor
of the horrific trenches of the First World War—offers Cid the only family
love he’s ever known, and helps the 13-year-old come to terms with the
violent blood-legacy of his abusive father and anti-Semitic grandmother
by teaching him the art of combat with a sword.
Lunievicz makes the sights and sounds of the big city vividly real as he
takes readers from the Chelsea Hotel to Millionaire’s Row, and from Central
Park to opium dens.
“Part Oliver Twist, part Captain Blood, and all gritty excitement, this
is the most unusual debut YA novel I’ve ever read. I loved it. A triumph!”
—Robert Lipsyte, award-winning New York Times journalist and bestselling
author of The Contender and Center Field, and winner of an Award for
Lifetime Achievement from the American Library Association.
“The story of true friends and sworn enemies, finding yourself, and becoming
whole, Open Wounds is dripping with everything that made
me love reading when I was a boy: action, compassion, extreme adversity,
and heroism”.—Andrew Smith, author of The Marbury Lens, a
Publisher’s Weekly and American Library Association Best Books of the year.
About the Author
Joe Lunievicz is a Renaissance adventurer for our time. He has fenced and
played rugby, competitively, published poetry and plays, acted in legitimate
theatre and comedy improv, and served in the Peace Corps. He is also a
active and certified yoga instructor as well as a well-known public speaker,
Like his protagonist Cid, he was enthralled by Captain Blood and The Mark
of Zorro. And he lives with his wife and son and their two dogs in Queens,
New York—Cid’s childhood home.
Open Wounds (Paperback)
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