Fencing and the Master, by Laszlo Szabo

This beloved, unique classic distills the fencing wisdom of the twentieth century. Szabo was a student of Italo Santelli and helped develop the methods of that revolutionary master into the world?s dominant fencing style. His book lays out the tools and techniques of coaching, but more than that, it opens up the heart and spirit of a maestro. Copiously illustrated. Supplemented with a discussion of fencing terminology and with a new memoir of Szabo by Eugene Hamori, Olympic medalist, US sabre champion, and distinguished coach -- and Szabo's student in Budapest. "More great coaches have stolen ideas from this book than any other," says George Kolombatovich, Head Coach of NCAA champions Columbia-Barnard and former international fencing official. Hardcover. $30.00.

Fencing and the Master, by Laszlo Szabo
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